Monday, August 23, 2010

Jetset Weekends.

Hi friends! Sorry it had been a while since my last post. The past two weeks of my life had been both fun and not so fun. *sadface* But let's not dwell on it because we might not be able to move on any further.

Moving on....

August 14, 2010 -- BOHOL!!!

Tagbilaran Airport -- departing for Manila. I hate to see you go but I had a good time.

Tiny tarsier -- how cute you are. You're forbidden to be touched but I still did it anyway (when no one was looking). >__<

More photos on my next post! I'll do a separate post on it. :) I took lots of picture to stitch and make panoramic images with but my laptop is sort-of dying on me already (please, dont. i plead.) so we'll have to do with what I can muster with as to my laptop's coordination.

The rest of the week since the 14th until the 20th was was a brew of all freaking playful emotions. It was no fun at all. Not at all. I hope things were easy to sort out like it was before but it only gets harder and harder. :( But I have to be persistent and go on with things going around me or else i'll be left behind.

August 19, 2010 -- Cake Day!

It's not officially cake day but I was craving for something with cakes for the past weeks and I think this one ended it. Concorde cake from Sugarhouse is ♥. I'm hoping to have at least twice a week or even once-a-month cake day. *fingers-crossed*

August 20, 2010 -- Meeting up with Krissy of!!

She gave me a little present which I squee-d over shamelessly in delight. Ang the note made me smiled. 
"For the lost soul in the busy city who wishes she was fictional." That's me indeed. :)

August 21, 2010 -- Zoobic Safari @ Subic, Zambales with the officemates.

With the officemates, bi-eep and some friends! SUPER FUN DAY! The weather was really nice to us that it cooperated.

Met up next with Meream of! :) It was a lovely meet although it slipped my mind to bring my camera with me when I handed Krissy's present for her. So instead I take a photo of Meream's present~isn't it nice?

August 22, 2010 -- Movie Sunday with the family. The Expendables.

I liked the fact that the cast is star-studded yet it wasn't really great story-wise. 

But of course I loved how it was action-packed all throughout, okay, graphically hm.. violent? Lol. :P Jason Statham FTW. I really liked him in The Transporter and this movie made me like him more. Haha. And also Terry Crews who played such a bad-ass character but I can't help but laugh and imagine him as Latrell Spencer in White Chicks. Hahaha. *making my way downtown, walking fast, faces passed and i'm home bound*


  1. You take beautiful photos, really! :D

    It was fun meeting you! I hope we can do that again, and visit more thrift shops pa! Bitin ako sa nabili ko haha!

    I'm glad you liked my "vintage" present :)

    And oooh I want to have an official Cake Day, too!

    I can't find the link of our meetup :(

    Thank you Mai, you are very charming and adorable and cute :)

  2. Krissssssyyyyyy!!! *bunnyhugs* Hee~
    I think I haven't posted yet my post on our meet-up, my bad. It was really awesome meeting you and you telling me stories about yourself, I really appreciated it. :) I talk very less but you made me feel so comfortable with you.

    Cheers to more meet-ups in the future! :)

    PS. Cake Days or Any other "anything you want" day is a personal treat to yourself. It's like a regular and more often birthday.

  3. i love concorde too

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