Monday, August 9, 2010

Looking Forward.

I will leave you today with this. :) An officemate asked me to doodle something on this Starbucks cardstock and it's a some sort of promo of theirs and you get free coffee. Ha. I even imagined that if they submit this to Starbucks, they will probably get an idea of putting strawberries in their cofee jelly drink (I wonder how it'll taste), but heck. I was reluctant to let go of it when I was finished (as I always do with my other doodles), but I'm glad the officemate took the liberty of scanning it and sending me a copy. Thanks officemate! Do give me the free coffee if you redeem it. /jk. LOL.

And the rest of the night, I will be busy making a site for out photobooth service *wink wink nudge nudge* so in case you need of such a service and do please please pretty please with cherry on top spread the word.
But wait! There's more!! (Ha. I love saying that.) Hee~
I will also be opening an online store soon, that is something to look forward to, yes?
I was thinking of giving out a prize to whoever explains why le fabuleux works, I'm still thinking about it. *another wink wink nudge nudge* :P



And that just made me realize that in the coming days, I will juggle 4 blogs in total. 2 biz-related and 2 personal blogs. That's a number. But I swear to my little toe or else it'll always get caught in door corners (and we all know how that hurts) that I'll be regularly updating this blog for my dear readers (which elated me upon finding out that I already have 10 followers, YAY!! *throws confetti*)


  1. Photobooth! I love photobooths! Can I sample please? LOL :D

  2. *catches confetti because it's fun to do* haha

    Anyway, we should most definitely do the thrifting thing with Krissy. My Saturday (Aug21) is already laid out (meeting high school friends, doing the Intramuros tour), so let's shop Fridday afternoon?
    Or if that's not possible, I can do Saturday morning. :)

    It will be FUN. :D

  3. @Meream & Krissy,
    I will agree!! :D I can go with friday (after my work, that is). And i'll be going to the exhibit! Yay! Because i'm such a fan and i'd like to get my grubby hands on them shirts. WHERE SHOULD WE GO WHERE SHOULD WE GOOOO?!? XD *too much excitement*

    btw, I'd like to ask where'd you bought em aanraku bail ms. meream? because i am looking all over for them but failed. :(

  4. Yay! You decide where we can go because I know absolutely nothing about the thrifing places in Manila. :) What time do you get off work? I wonder if Krissy is free on Friday.

    Aaand, I got the bails online, on Etsy. Darn, I was hoping they are available in Manila...

  5. @Meream I'm having a hard time looking for them too. Because i'm planning to give you something I made, inspired from your scrabble tiles pendant. I'm looking for substitutes for bails as well.

    Boo. Tagal pa pag galing sa etsy binili. Haha. :P

    Anyways, my fingers are crossed that the 3 of us are free on friday! Do mail me your contact please. :) Since you'll be around cubao and I hope Krissy will be from commonwealth, let's all go to anonas! They say it's grand ukay there, but I haven't been there yet. It'll be an adventure for us three. ;D

    and oh, i'll be out by 4:30PM.

  6. Krissy is a go! :)

    Wait, I will email you. Haha. I'm obviously excited because I have become a scatterbrain. :p

  7. Lookee, Mimai:

    :) Whatchathink?

  8. @Meream I read that too! That's exactly my reference and I was going to tell you but you beat me to it. :P


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