Thursday, April 29, 2010

I keep seeing rain clouds...

My Thursday didn't start out too well thus the cumulonimbus clouds apparent in the sky are just appropos.

Wasn't able to post yesterday because I was too busy (1) getting prescription lenses on my sunglasses, (2) looking for beef tapa, (3) preparing tapsilog for the bi-eep [yes, the kitchen had my presence], (4) spending time with him and (5) I gave up the rest of the night to sleep because something happened *sadface*.

I printed out pictures to put up on my wall again, a result of browsing too much. Will have more of those polaroid-ish pictures up specially those of family and (^__^)v(^__^). It'll be nice.

Finally took a photo of the dried rose from Dia del Libro and I nested it in a scavenged hard glass test tube I found in one of my drawers. Reminds me of the one from Beauty & the Beast. ♥

Took time to accomplish a swap  I participated in and actually found it fun to do. I kept seeing these What's In Your Bag pictures and so here's mine.

It's a lot more fun to view it in Flickr because of the notes. :)

I'm really hoping for rain today. 
And at least for things to get better. I hope.
Leaving for Cebu tomorrow.


  1. The nice thing about rainy days in summer is they give the city and the fields time to breath and relax, I think. You can almost feel everything uncoil and sigh in relief around you.

    I think your wall montage is wonderful. Makes me reminisce about how I'd do the exact same thing in High School. (Ack! Age, you fiend! XD)

  2. True. Will all the heat we're having, a little precipitation every once in a while is good. :)

    I'd make a wall montage anytime, given a pretty wall and pretty pictures... I'm still doing it and i'm post-college already! XD


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